Supporting smaller beam sizes and higher measurement resolution

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Our micro-and nano-scale motion and position control solutions provide the enabling motion platform to run diffraction, tomography, laminography and crystallography experiments and collect data more precisely, faster and easier than ever before. From standard rotary and linear stages to complete customised solutions, our high-resolution, high-accuracy sample positioning minimises spatial errors. Accuracy, repeatability, and sphere of confusion are available to the nanometer level allowing for more accurate imaging and higher quality data.

We deliver smooth velocity control, synchronised data collection and programmable real time detector triggering based on the calibrated position of other axes. Our control platform allows the user to easily integrate stepper, servo, and piezo actuator technology using a single user interface and allows coordination of all axes when needed. This provides a high degree of flexibility for future experiments and upgrades with minimal difficulties.

Our integrated granite and motion systems are ideal for optics and mirror positioning and inspection. We also offer ultra-high vacuum solutions and our multi-axis, high-performance motion controller is the easiest to configure, optimise and use with many wizards to set up various features.

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ExPaNDS is a 3-year Horizon 2020 grant that was launched in September 2019 for the Photon and Neutron Data Services (ExPaNDS) to come together and work under the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Our ambitious project will create enormous opportunities for scientific communities, and through their findings for humankind worldwide. It aims to publish and map the data behind the thousands of successful published scientific papers generated by Europe’s Photon and Neutron Research Infrastructures (PaN RIs) – which every year create petabytes of data – and make it available to all.

The project brings together a network of ten national PaN RIs from across Europe as well as EGI, a federated e-Infrastructure set up to provide advanced computing services for research. It will deliver added value data science services through the EOSC framework. The EOSC currently provides a range of services that fits the ever-increasing need of scientific experiments held at various PaN RI’s across Europe. These needs are driven by modern detector technology that is delivering very high data rates for individual experiments.